Stolen seal and stolen soul
The wind is boring low no flow
Where to go thus where to stay
The only sailors souls sad pray

We went west and searched the east
What we found beside dead priest
Sadness spellless everywhere
In our search was just despair

This idea to rule the world
As sad as an endless life sounds
Sounds to me overhauled
Back like nature back no more

Living as well as longing 
Words whispered silence sounds
You are not here not near
No nowhere is my fear

No mountains in my sea 
Not even hills to me
The endless waves I climb
The shore is only my mind

Calm is the sea no more wind
Gives room for a reflection 
Appearing on the shore 
The art of sailing no more

no sail 2021
21 x 30 cm
Photogenic drawing on Paper
Oliver Möst

The only sailor
Oliver Möst

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