A grizzled black-eyed rabbit showed me

   irrigation ditches, open paved highway,
                                 white line
   to the hill.
   bell chill blue jewel sky
Banner clouds flying,
The mountains all gathered,
   juniper trees on their flanks
                                           cone buds,
             the snug bark scale
     in thin powder snow
over rock scrabble, pricklers, boulders,
   pines and junipers,
The trees all singing.

The mountains are signing
To gather the sky and the mist
     to bring it down snow-breath
     and gather it water
Sent from the singing peaks
     flanks and folds
Down arroyos and ditches by highways the water
The people to use it, the
                          mountains and juniper
Do it for men,

Said the rabbit.

14 x 14 inches
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Jorin Bossen @jorinbossenart

The Rabbit
Gary Snyder

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