Sheeee listen....
                            Can you not see it?

                                It’s happening.
                       You don’t have to believe it
The label says it all...Read it, every other made in China.

                                 It’s all changing
                      right before our very own eyes
  It’s China, she is standing up against the great America
                And she is not fucking playing games
             See where she at and what she is doing
             But more importantly where she is going
            The second largest economy in the world
              She is now your Mama and your Papa
                  But not your brother or your sister
                                   She is China

                                 Can you see it?
                             Can you not hear it?
             You and your money, like bees and honey
                         As my brother Marley says:
     “You think you are in Heaven, but you’re living in Hell
                      ...Time will Tell, time will tell...”

Buying Time #69 2020
18 x 21 x 6 inches
Mixed media; wooden pine panel, metal, glass beads, cardboard, acrylic, cloth, metal watch, coated lithograph prints on paper, glue, beaded gel, Chinese currency.
Yrneh Gabon @yrnehgabon

Listen Buying Time #69
Yrneh Gabon @yrnehgabon

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