Again the Persians wield the unmanly blow
And wreak their vengeance on a single foe.
The fainting Greek by loss of blood opprest
Still feels the patriot rise within his breast.
Within his teeth the shattered ship he held
Nor in his soul, one wish for life rebelled.
But strength decaying, fate supprest his breath
And o’er his brows, expand the dews of death;
The Elysium plains his generous spirit trod
“He lived a Hero and he died a God”
By vengeance fired, the Grecians from the deep
With rage and shouting, scale the lofty ship,
Then in the briny bosom of the main
They hurl in heaps the living and the slain.
Thro’ the wide shore resound, triumphant cries,
Fill all the seas, and thunder thro’ the skies.

The Battle of Marathon: Crenshaw and Slauson, 2020
72 x 108 inches
Acrylic, house paint, spray paint, marker and gold leaf on canvas
Holly Tempo @hollytempo

The Battle of Marathon
Excerpt from the end of Book 4
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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