I went to the ocean, 
unable to see, 
as my skin begin to fall,
from the depths of my thoughts— 
I went searching for you, 
as the wind prepares a prayer.  
The air becomes thirsty
and I am infected by trauma. 

In the distance, 
the sea is growing, 
with natural desire.
I am crashing,
against forensic waves, 
remembering sunset 
and ominous pleasure. 

At dawn, 
they feast,
with shadows 
they must triumph— 
In the cold hymn of death 
and transform every inch of your body,  
into castles of flesh.  

I live in eternity,  
within the horizon, 
covered in shades of red, 
grounded in rocks.  

You appear to me, 
under a blue cast, 
of clouds, 
with thunder in your heart,
you have come to take me home.  

	For DN 

Castles of Flesh 2020
dimensions variable
Photo-performance; photo credit: Christopher Anthony Velasco
Dakota Noot @dakotanoot

My Atonement
Christopher Velasco

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