"they" were always together in open brightness of full life
she watched "they" from the dark of her aloneness
she had always looked longingly at them
and through the years of silent sadness she came to have the love of rain
she only felt peace when falling rain was heavy
now she knew
it protected her; in the rain "they" would disappear
she was safe
and the years went by
always a wanting to belong with "they"
this thought never left her, it overwhelmed her
it was there in all her sad attempts at belonging
all went on until
one day came an even greater overwhelming darkness to all, to every one of "they"
all the togetherness of "they" ended
no more brightness of full life
"they" were all now allowed to be only as she had always been
from an aloneness each would now look out
now "they" were each alone
she never became with "they"
"they" had become with her

18 x 24 inches
acrylic on canvas
Theodore Svenningsen

Theodore Svenningsen

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