Hey,man.I'm sorry!
I'm sorry,I'm sorry!
Please, Mr.Officer.
I didn't do nothing.
All right.WhatIdothough?WhatwedoMrOfficer?
Yes, sir. I'm sorry
Thismy friend.
I'm sorry, so sorry.Goddangman.Man, got,i shotthesamewayMrOfficer,before.
Iam sosorry,Mrofficer.Dangman.
Lasttime gotshotlikethatMrOfficer itwasthesamething
Yes, sir.
Okay, Mr.Officer, please don't shootme. Please, man .
I'lllookatyou eye-to-eyeman.Pleasedon'tshootme,man.
I justlostmymom ,man.
Man, I'm so sorry.
Pleasedon'tshootme,Mr.Officer.Please, don'tshootmeman.Please. Can younotshootme,man?
Okay, okay, okay. Please. Please, man. Please. Please. I didn'tknow man.
I didn'tknow,ididn'tknowMr.Officer.
I'm notgoingtodonothing. 
I'm sorryMr.Officer,
On man
I'm not
Ididn't donothingwrongman.
Please, please,man.
Ouch, ouchman!
No, nothing.
I'm scared ,man
Yes, I was just hooping earlier .
Man,allrightletmecalm downnow.I'm feelingbetternow.
Can youdomeonefavorman?
Im claustrophobic man, please man , please .
just want totalk toyouman.Please,letmetalk to you.Please.
Im claustrophobic .
illdoanything,illdoanythingy'alltellmetooman.I'm notresistingman.I'mnot!I'mnot!Youcanask him , they know me.
Godman, won't do nothinglike that.Why is this going on like this? Look at mywrist Mr.Officer, I'm not thatkind ofguy
Mr.Officer,MrOfficer,I'm notthatkindofguy. 
Please, I'm not that kind of guy,Mr.Officer. Please!
Please,man. Don't leavemebymyselfman, please, I'm just claustrophobic that's it.
Iwon't donothing to hurt you,MrOfficer.
No, sir.
I don'thavenothing. Why y'alldoingmelikethis Mr.Officer? Please crack thewindow formeandstuff.
am claustrophobicfor rea,lMr.Officer.
Could you please crack it for me, please?
Pleasestaywithmeman,thankyou.God,man.Ididn'tknow allthiswasgoingtohappenman.Please
man. I don't want to do nothing to y'allman, nothing.
understandthatpeopledo stuff,and 
Okay, okay, okay. 
Because officer,
Please man, please don't do this! 
I'm going in,Mr.Officer, I'm going in .
I'm gunagoin!
Why don't y'all believeme, Mr.Officer? 
I'mnotthatkindofguy!I'm notthatkindofguy,man! 
Y'all goingto dieinhere! goingto die,man! 
And I just had man, don't want to go back to that. 
Dang, man 
I'm notthatkindofguy. 
look at that , look at that . Look at it ! 
Okay,man.God,y'alldomebadman.Man, I don'twant to try to twin to try to win.
 I don't want
I don't want to win . I'm claustrophobic, and i gotanxiety, I don'twant to do nothing to them ! 
Man, I'm scared as fuckman . 
when I startbreathing it's going to go off onme,man. 
Okay, okay, letme countto three. Letme count to three andthen 
I'm not trying to win! man, he know it
Heknow ittooMr.Officerdon'tdomelikethat,man. 
Can Italk to youplease? 
I'm claustrophobic 
God, claustrophobic. 
CanIgetin thefront,please? 
I'm claustrophobic, Mr.Officer. 
Okay,man,okay!I'm notabadguyman! 
I'm nota bad guy! Man,  Please, Mr.Officer! Please !
Please! Please! No, �
I can't choke,Ican't breatheMr.Officer!Please! Please! 
Mywrist,mywristman. Okay, okay. I want to layon the ground.I want to layon the ground. I want to layon the ground!
want to lay on the ground ! I'm going down, 
I'm going down 
I know I can't breathe. I can't breathe 
Let go ofmeman , I can't breathe. I can't breathe. 
Please,man. Please listen to me. 
Pleaselisten to me
Forgery forwhat? for what ? 
can't fucking breatheman.I can't fucking breathe. 
thank you. Thank you. 
I can'tbreathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. 
can't breathe. 
I can'tbreathe. 
Mama,mama, mama, mama. 
Mama,mama, mama. 
Allright, allright. OhmyGod. I can'tbelievethis.I 
believe this.
I can't believe this man. Mom , I love you.  I love you. 
TellmykidsIlovethem.I'm dead 
I can't breathe or nothingman . This cold blooded man. Ah- 
Mama, I love you. I can't do nothing. 
Myface is gone.
can't breathe. 
Myface is getting it bad. 
 I can't breathe man. Please! Please, letmestand. Please,man
Please, I can'tbreathe. Please,man. Pleaseman! 
Please ,man ! 
can't breathe. 
I can't breathe. Ican't breathe. Ah! I'llprobably just die this way. 
can't breathemy face. 
breathe.Please, i
I will I can'tmove. 
Im through, through. I'm claustrophobic. Mystomach hurts. Myneckhurts. Everythinghurts. Ineed
somewater or something, please. Please ?I can't breathe officer. 
You're going to killme,man. 
Comeon,man.Oh, oh. I cannotbreathe.I cannotbreathe. Ah! They'llkillme. They'll killme. I can't breathe. I can'tbreathe. !
Ah! Ah! Please. Please. Please. 

Twenty Twenty (studies) 2020
6.14 x 2.61 inches
Mixed media, found digital images, lenticular acrylic
Eugene Ahn @onethousandlifetimes

Final words of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, as recorded by Axon Body 3 camera, transcribed by Rev.com, and filed in the State of Minnesota District Court 2020
George Floyd @

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